Macy’s is one of the premier retailers in the US which has over 800 stores across the country. It is one of the leading retailers of fashion and affordable luxury items in the US. The products include apparel, footwear, watches, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and even homeware.

Macy’s website offers everything that you can find at a Macy’s store. Macy’s website lists down its products per department which is even further broken down into categories and sub-categories. The departments are displayed on the homepage and once you choose a specific department, it will show the categories under that department life for example Women -> Women’s Clothing -> Dresses, New Arrivals, Basics, etc. It makes shopping through the website easier and more convenient. Another way of looking for a product is searching for specific keywords or the web ID of the product by using the search tab which can be found on top of the homepage. The homepage of Macy’s shows the different promotions and offers per category. The homepage also shows top picks and gift suggestions for specific occasions. Most of the products featured on the homepage are products that would appeal to millenials.


  • Tracking of orders on the website
  • Great deals, promotions, and offers
  • Many products can be bought at discounted prices which can go to 50% or even higher
  • Includes ratings and reviews of each product
  • Book personal shopping service through the website
  • Find some of the leading brands
  • Great value even for branded products
  • Nice photos of each product with a detailed product description which includes the sizes and the colors available
  • Order online and pick up in store
  • Delivery of products on time
  • Ships internationally


  • Problems with customer service
  • roblems with products that are being returned
  • Contains ads from unaffiliated sites

Target is a great place to do online shopping if you want to buy many things in one go since it is a one-stop shop where you can find almost everything that you need. It allows you to order items and have them sent as gifts. The gift registry is so cool and is one of a kind.

Most of the items are affordable. Like the other two retail websites, there are also quite a number of complaints against customer service.