Target is a general merchandise retailer that sells different kinds of products such as clothing, food and beverages, cosmetics, toys, home appliances, furniture, electronics, sports goods, and a whole lot more.

The products in Target’s website are listed per category although the difference is that, the categories don’t have separate tabs unlike in Macy’s and Bloomingdale. There are featured categories though in the lower part of the homepage. The individual items include notes from the manufacturer just like how products are presented on Amazon. The homepage features top deals, great gift items for special occasions, featured categories, and ways to get your ordered items.


  • Nice photos with a detailed product description including ratings and reviews
  • Option of sending items as a gift
  • Free shipping for items above $35
  • Gift Registry where you can track who gave what and where you can also add items that you wish from other websites
  • Price match guarantee
  • Create lists for shopping
  • Quick shipping
  • Affordable prices of products
  • One stop shop that has everything you need


  • Too many sub-categories which could have been a bit organized
  • CLags in the website
  • Problems with customer service

Target is a great place to do online shopping if you want to buy many things in one go since it is a one-stop shop where you can find almost everything that you need. It allows you to order items and have them sent as gifts.

The gift registry is so cool and is one of a kind. Most of the items are affordable. Like the other two retail websites, there are also quite a number of complaints against customer service.